Is taking control Sexy?

Gents date escorts for all sort of reason, but many gents do say that they date escorts because they like to lose control. They love the fact that a lovely sexy young woman is in charge of them for a few hours. Most of the men that act like are busy executive or businessmen. They are used to being in charge and they like to make the most of not being in charge from time to time. Letting go around girls such as the hot girls at Walthamstow escorts is a great release for them.


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I have been dating Walthamstow escorts for some time now says Alan. When I am at work, I am always in charge and letting go is an important form of stress release for me. That I can let go together with a hot sexy lady from Walthamstow escorts means a lot to me. I know that I am in a safe environment. When I am at work, there is no way that I would be able to let go or let my hair down. With the girls from the local outcall escorts service, I know that I can do so.


Mick travels around the world selling and promoting stairlifts for a very large international company. Coming home to Walthamstow is important to him. Just like so many other gents with a similar kind of lifestyle, he knows that he needs to be able to let go to get rid of his jetlag. Meeting up with hot and sexy ladies from Walthamstow escorts is the perfect solution for Mick. He says that he has tried all sorts of relaxation techniques but it is only the girls at Walthamstow escort services that truly does it for Mick.


Pilots also have very stressful jobs. Most of us think that flying a plane is all about automation but that is not true at all. First of all you sit a lot, says Stephen who is senior captain with a large international airline. Sitting can make you feel really frustrated at times and I find that I do fidget in my seat. We take decision all of the time up in there, and I am not so sure that passengers are aware of how stressful it can be. When I come home to Walthamstow, I like to pop around to visit my sexy friends at Walthamstow escorts for what I call a stress busting massage.


The girls at Walthamstow escorts see more and more professionals in the line of duty. Massages are becoming very popular says Teresa from the agency, and I just love handing them out to my favorite gents. You can literally feel the gent relax under your touch and that is a great feeling. Stress really is a big problem these days, and I am not sure that gents manage it very well. I think that women manage stress better. When a gent feels stressed, it would be better if they sought out some female company to help to relax.

The Many Advantages Of Enjoying Frequent Sex

It’s baffling when you hear the lament that someone has lost their libido, mojo, drive – or whatever you prefer to call it – for sex. Pleasure and sex of course dance hand in hand, but there’s many advantages of engaging in a frequent and healthy sex life; some of which may come as a slight surprise.

You’ll Likely Live Longer

Many studies from across the world have suggested that a frequent sex life (measured as climaxing a very manageable three times a week) is great for longevity and overall health. Not only will you live longer, but you’ll delay the onset of the middle age wobbly bits as sex burns around a hundred calories per session. That mounts up fast.

A little known benefit is also that sex releases five times more of the steroid DHEA – believed to be a natural means of lowering the aging process.

You’ll Live Happier Too

People who have regular sex maintain that post-coital glow throughout their lives. Ever noticed how people who have plenty of fun in the sack look younger than their years – well there’s your answer. We mentioned above how sex feels good – and there’s a physical reason for this, as it releases serotonin, which is essential in making us feel happy. People who have regular sex are usually a fairly cheerful bunch.

Sex is good for stress too. It’s an empowering feeling knowing that you’ve had a good time, but again this can be attributed to a hormonal reaction. There’s much less cortisol in the blood after a good time in bed, and that’s the ‘fight or flight’ hormone.

Helps Reduce Likelihood of Age Related Decay

Good news for men is that studies suggest that men – especially those in their middle age – have a far lower incidence of prostate cancer when they have regular sex. This is because the act of orgasm clears away the nasty toxins that lead to the development of the disease. Recent investigations are being as bold as to say that it can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 30% also.

As for the ladies, estrogen is pumped out during sex to such an extent that is can be glorious for maintain a lovely complexion, maybe even banishing an untimely wrinkle or two. Plus, especially for females, your bones will be much healthier – and who wouldn’t want that!

The Good News Doesn’t Stop There!

It’s not a myth that a little sex makes one rather drowsy afterwards. Both men and women release this hormone – called oxytocin – making sex a great way to pass and cure those restless hours. So more excuses – get out there.

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